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Besiktas’s German goalkeeper Loris Karius did not accept the compromise after Besiktas management said that he will not be able to pay the salaries he will pay in March, April and May.

Assist Analysis’ According to special news , Karius, who could not get his salary from Beşiktaş, carried the issue to FIFA for the unilateral termination of his contract. Stating that they will not pay the German goalkeeper, Beşiktaş management accepted this offer of the net guards.
in very little time Turkey Karius is also expected to leave, even coronavirus therefore deferred başlas Super League, Besiktas is expected to be in the castle. Coach Sergen Yalçın is expected to assign Utku Yuvakuran to the castle instead of Karius who will leave the team.

Under normal conditions, the 26-year-old goalkeeper, whose loan contract will expire at the end of this season, had an option of 7 million 250 thousand Euros. In the 1.5 years he spent in Beşiktaş; Karius, who played 67 matches, could not prevent 95 goals in these competitions. The German net guard, who served 6 thousand 30 minutes in black and whites, was able to close his goal in 14 games.

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